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gear rental procedures

For general questions or booking enquiries please call us or use this form here




All first time clients must hand the following documents to Light Station Studio before any equipment will be released:


  • Completed and Signed Client Information Form.

  • ORIGINAL Equipment Rental Agreement - This agreement is signed once and covers all future rentals from Light Station Studio. 

  • ID Copy of the Person who signed the Rental Agreement

  • ID Copy of the Person collecting the equipment




  • Provisional Bookings are accepted via phone, however a booking is only confirmed in writing by email from Light Station Studio. We will send you a quote to confirm your gear list, please respond to confirm all in order.


  • Light Station Studio’s Office Hours are from 07:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday. After hours or weekend returns only by arrangement. 


  • The client is responsible for all collections and returns of equipment including freight or courier costs incurred.




  • All equipment must be checked by an authorized representative of the client before release.  The client will be required to sign a Release Note detailing the equipment and serial numbers which confirming that the equipment is in good working order. Should any defects arise there after, they must be reported within the first 2 hours following collection. 


  • All equipment must be returned to Light Station Studio no later than 6:00pm on the day of / on the last day of booking.


  • Full daily rental charges apply to damaged or stolen equipment until it is repaired or replaced.


  • Equipment is intended for use within the borders of the Republic of South Africa, should you wish to take the equipment out of the country, please contact us to make necessary arrangements.




  • The Customer takes full responsibility for the goods for the new replacement value (including VAT) from the moment of release of the goods until the goods are returned to Light Station Studio.


Please note that the following is generally not covered by standard insurances:


  • Theft from an Unattended Vehicle

  • Theft from a closed and locked car boot or non-visible compartment

  • Dismantling of equipment

  • Confiscation of equipment

  • Loss of Data

  • Acts of negligence




  • It is assumed that the Customer understands the operation and limitations of the equipment. Light Station Studio cannot be held responsible in the event of equipment failure or non-performance due to mis-use.




  • Payment is due 7 (seven) days from date of Invoice, unless otherwise agreed.


  • Payment responsibility lies with the Customer who booked and received the equipment, and to whom the signed Quotation is addressed.


  • International clients are requested to make payment in South African Rands only. Light Station Studio’s rates remain the same regardless of exchange rate fluctuations.




  • Bookings which are cancelled by the Customer within 24 (Twenty Four) hours of the confirmed Rental Period will be charged in full.

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