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Pro B4
Pro B4
Pro B4

Pro-B4 1000 Air


A revolution on location.


The Pro-B4 is our state-of-the-art battery generator. In some regards it even outperforms the best studio generators out there. Just try finding another generator that can freeze motion at 1/25,000 second or fire up to 30 flashes per second! That is why we are not afraid to label it a revolution on location.


  • Unrivaled flash durations on all power settings.

  • Selectable FREEZE mode available for extreme splash shots.

  • The world’s fastest recycling battery generator, allowing you to create never before seen sequence shots on location.

  • Next generation Li-Ion (LiFe) battery recharges to full power in only 45 minutes.

  • Battery can be charged while in use, which makes the generator equally useful in the studio!

  • Two individual outputs and 11 f-stop power range with control in 0.1 f-stop steps provides unbeaten precision and versatility on location.

  • Wireless sync and remote control with the Air system.

R 867.00 per day ex VAT

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