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catering by made to order

For your convenience we have developed a relationship with bespoke caterers - Made to Order.  Adam and Michelene will deliver pre-ordered lunches directly to the studio so that you are able to continue with a seamless days' shooting.  All bookings must be made directly with Made to Order a minimum of 2 days prior to your shoot. Below are a few menu ideas, however you are most welcome to arrange alternatives with Made to Order.

To place an order, please call 011 803 0598 or email For more information please visit Made to Order's website here.


Floor Plan

menu 1

R95.00 per person (ex VAT)

Ricotta, lemon & herb stuffed & roasted free range chicken, Potato & spring onion salad and Fresh garden greens with olives & feta


menu 2

R95.00 per person (ex VAT)

Classic beef & parmesan lasagne, Bread with butter and a garden vegetable salad

menu 3

R75.00 per person (ex VAT)

Homemade focaccia

Pesto pasta salad with crumbed free range chicken & fresh rocket

menu 4


R100.00 per person (ex VAT)

Homemade cumin seed flatbread & toasted pita with hummus

Salt cured meats

Selection of cheeses

Marinated olives & pepperdews

Fresh crudités


menu 5

Finger snacks:

R90.00 per person (ex VAT)

New York steak sandwich with horseradish & crispy onion rings

Yogurt marinated spiced free range chicken skewers

Lamb, feta & mint Greek meatballs

Asian rice paper wraps with toasted sesame seeds

Smoked trout pancakes with chive cream cheese

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