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Our aim is to bring you 2 stylish, highly functional photographic studios at reasonable rates. Inspired by the character and versatility of a New York loft, our flagship studio, Artic Fox Studio - gives you space, light, drive in access, a modern kitchen and multiple client comfort areas.


Fox Box Studios is the more compact solution - designed specifically for food and product shoots, this space is perfect for crews up to 5 people.

Groundfox offers every comfort and facility you could need on a professional shoot - we look forward to hosting you and your team.


Ground Fox Studio has a 150m2  dedicated shooting space with a ceiling height of 4.5 metres, suited to large productions with up to 30 crew. 

Fox Box is the more compact alternative suited to food and product shoots with small crews of max 5/6 people.

Get in touch for a quotation, studio or gear booking or even just to say hi

office (011) 463 8538

(+27) 0810462136

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